April 27th, 2004


The Daily Grind

Yeah, I lag a day on my entries. :^)

Yesterday, around 12:30, I had a call from one of the guys in my group. He didn't know what the Director's extension was. Well, the director wasn't even in yet. He was on the phone, telling me that he didn't know if he could come in today because he was so stressed out. Something had come up, which kept him from getting to work on time, and he just didn't know if he would be productive if he came in.

So I told him that's fine, take care of yourself, but let me say one thing: don't worry about work. Don't let the director get you stressed out. And I'll see you tomorrow.

After hearing that, he then decided to come in, and he came to my office and we talked a little more. It seems the director went and gave him a gloom-and-doom speech on Friday after I left, and that he was supposed to have come in over the weekend to finish something. But life intruded, and he never did get in. We then add on the fact that life intruded in the morning, and he just didn't feel he could face the Director. So I told him to ignore the Director, that the director has more mood swings than a well-used swing set, and that it's more important to get something done than nothing (i.e., a 3/4 day is better for the company than no day at all).

So now I really feel like I'm the Director of my group. The actual Director has produced very little and tends to get people very agitated very easy. And then I have to clean up his mess. One more month of the Director and then the relocation happens. This also means that the Director will no longer be with the company. Of course, they haven't yet found a replacement for him... I don't know that they can find a replacement for him that will be effective in any way, shape, or form for 3 months. All I can hope is that the new Director will be more personable, and will allow me to help him/her learn.
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Bitch Session Ahead

This is going to be me ranting about some annoying behavior of co-workers. I wanted to give everyone the option of opting out by placing the rest of this behind a Collapse )
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