August 18th, 2004


The Only Constants are Change and LiveJournal Breakage

Stupid LJ. "This journal is read-only, try again in a minute." Okay, page back to copy my entry away. "This journal is read-only, try again in a minute." BASTARDS!

Anyway (and I'll copy it BEFORE I try to post this time), went to lunch with two guys from work, and found out that one has given notice. The notice giver had been living with family in the area; they had a falling-out during a vacation last week, so he gave notice. He's got temporary accommodations while he finishes working.

Sometimes I wonder about the situation in my company, then I try to get my mind off of it. I should just start looking for jobs now, while I'm employed. Before I end up flipping burgers at McD's again.

At least lunch was good. :-)
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