November 15th, 2004


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Between the cat troubles and having an excellent weekend come to an end, I cried a lot last night. My emotions feel like they're running separate from my thoughts, and all I can do is let those emotions out, and remind myself of brighter days ahead.

One good thing to put on my horizon will be a trip down to LA to visit people. One option that I'd love to work out is going down for New Year's Eve and hang out with people. Another, which isn't mutually exclusive, would be to go down in a few weekends instead of waiting for New Year's. Looking at a calendar, the weekend of December 11-12 looks interesting to me. Thinking that if we do both that weekend and New Year's, we could fly down for one and drive for the other. (I'd expect the 11th/12th to be the flying weekend, since tickets are probably booked a lot more already over New Year's.)

Dee needs to find out when her family's Christmas party is going to be. That's another reason (other than just coming to hang with our friends) to get our butts down there. She thinks it'll be around the 11th/12th, but it could be the following weekend of the 18th/19th. Either way, I expect we'll make our way down there for the weekend of the Christmas party. But I guess we'd get a rental car so we can drive down to her family's Christmas party.
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