December 16th, 2004


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A former co-worker forwarded this one to me last night. Definitely safe for work.

You know it's winter when... (video).
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Guess who's got their TAO'05 ticket?

Got out at noon today to run over to Solid Grooves & get a TAO ticket. Followed Yahoo's directions to get there - using freeways - and realized that I do sorta miss driving freeways, and having a bit of time on the way to work. Perhaps I need to find a longer way to work? *giggle* But I won't complain about a fast trip home!

It wasn't that hard to find, except that it's right at a triangle intersection that made me go past & come back before I saw it the first time. Then I had to find parking. LOL. I only had to circle the block once, but there really isn't much parking around it.

I almost didn't even stop, though. When I drove by it the first time, I saw a "closed" sign up in the window. Fortunately I decided to park anyway & check their hours. Between the two, people showed up & opened the door, even if they didn't put up the "open" sign. (They open at noon everyday, so I timed it perfect. ^^) Vinyl store, with just a few CDs up in the front and a TON of party cards. Cool little store, especially for DJs. Lots of turntables along one wall to listen to records on with big "put your vinyl back" signs over them. *giggle*

$42 for my ticket: $40 face + (I assume) $2 service charge. The tickets are actually Ticketmaster tickets, and they had 4 left. I wonder how many they started with? But I guess if people can't find $40 tickets, let me know and I can go by again to see if they still have any.

Took surface streets back, because I recognized the area. Actually swung by Subway and had some lunch too. Back to work now, though.
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