January 4th, 2005


Anyone Wanna Go To Vegas?

Dee's friends are going to Las Vegas at the end of the month, so I'm trying to decide if I'm going to go with or not. I'm not interested in spending a lot of time with one of her friends, but if I had other people to hang out/do things with in Vegas, I'd go for that.

So, my friends: Would anyone want to meet up in Vegas for a weekend? Dee's friends will reportedly be there from Thursday, January 27 through Sunday, January 30. If I go, I'm looking at Friday-Sunday. If just a couple people are interested, you'd be welcome to stay in the same room with Dee & I for the weekend.

Either way, we need to get our plans settled in the next few days. Our plans are flexible, except for the dates. Talk with me if you're interested!
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I thought they hired me to be a programmer. This afternoon, I got to sit in two meetings where I contributed basically nothing, yet the meeting could not occur without my presence. *giggle* I should go home before anything else gets accomplished!!!
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