February 3rd, 2005


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Went out to see "Hotel Rwanda" tonight with another new person from the San Jose Yahoo! Group I found a while back. I really don't know how to describe docu-dramas, other than to say that I think they did a very good job with the story.

But that's not the reason for the entry. The reason for the entry is my realization tonight that the more I go out and meet new people, the easier it gets for me. That I actually was sitting around waiting for him to show up and I wasn't nervous at all. That a random person drove by and was asking for directions. That I got a call on my cell phone and saw him first -- but, then, there was no one else around, really. It was very quiet, but we were meeting up early so there weren't a lot of people arriving or leaving at that moment.

Sorta surprised myself how easily I can fall into conversation, and that I can take the conversation and actually remember things to talk about and stories to share. I was the first person this guy met through the Yahoo! group, and I might even be getting him to join us for RHPS on Saturday night.

It's a little weird, though, when I step back and think about it. I'm seeing myself doing things that were always things that "other people" did. I guess I'm an "other people," too!
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