November 14th, 2005


Stoopid Drivers

Dee and I spent five hours on the road (and an additional half-hour having dinner) to get home from Vegas yesterday. The most hideous back-up of the trip was caused by rubber-necked drivers checking out flashing lights on the other side of the highway. Funny thing is that there was practically no back-up for the other side - they were making it past their own mess just fine. All told, I think it was about a 15 mile back up with 15 MPH average speed.

Not that there weren't tons of other drivers getting on my nerves. I hate drivers that go 60 in the left-hand lane on a 70 MPH road. Even worse is when the car going 60 is trying to pass a car going 59... no, 61... no, 59... no, 61. My patience for drivers like that kept going down as the drive went on.

Oddly enough, the 15/215 split reminds me of the 405/101 interchange as well: idiots running down the "open" lanes and then trying to squeeze in at the last minute. Well, I didn't make room for the one idiot decided to try getting over as they passed me, and got a beautifully long honk out of them for it.

Once we did get home, though, I got the pleasant joy of discovering one of Katie's food bowls crawling with ants again. This apartment complex has a HIDEOUS ant problem, IMHO. I think we need to look for a pedestal to put the food bowls on, such that we can put ant killer stuff on the legs & underside - where the cats can't get to it - so that their food will be safe. Probably should put their water up on that, too, even though the ants leave water dishes alone.

Monday morning at work, oh joy. I'm hoping that I'll get my head buried in it as the day goes on - it certainly makes the day zoom by faster. But first, now that the venting's done... what did we do in Vegas? Collapse )
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