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Interesting Convo

The VP of Engineering asked me if I had time for a quick huddle, so I grab my notebook and we went out to the little patio in front of the office. He asked me how things were, and then dropped the reason why he wanted to huddle with me.

While going through resumes, it seems that our HR person came across mine, on some job posting site or from a recruiter. And he asked if there was a problem, and if I was looking for something right now. So I told him, no, I'm not looking right now, though I do get the occasional call from a recruiter who, for some reason, just got my resume.

This came as quite a relief to him. He took a moment to make it clear how important he considers me to the team.

From there, we went into some boring disucssions on team dynamics and team building, and our (now 2) currently unfilled positions.

I'm thinking that our management team is feeling a bit jumpy. I wonder if they think I'm going to bail out soon on them. Interesting times.

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