February 16th, 2006


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My car wouldn't start for me this morning. Everything pointed to a dead battery (lights would come on until I tried to crank the engine, at which time the entire console simply starts resetting), which has happened before. AAA came and jumped the car at 10:15, and I figured the ~10 minute drive to work should've improved matters. Yet the starting problem is just the same now that I've parked here.

There's a Sam's Club in walking distance, and I figured that I could just run down there and get a battery if this happened (which wasn't unexpected). Alas, though, the online Sam's Club product list doesn't show any car batteries. I'm hoping that they actually have them in-store, just not online.

And here I thought I wouldn't have any errands to run at lunch today...


We had a meeting today for this year's benefit changes (which take effect on March 1). That's not the interesting part, though it did lead to it. While covering our disability benefits, people started asking about state disability coverage in other states, and Virginia was mentioned. Then someone else asked a guy in the row in front of me if he knew anything about Virginia's coverage. Then I looked at him, and realized that he was wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt.

I talked with him after the meeting. He had noticed my car's personalized plate in the parking lot. Turns out Zetera has been contracting with him for a while, but he still lives in Blacksburg for now - but will be moving out here in a few months. The Hokies are invading! *laughs*
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