April 20th, 2007


We Support VT

"We Support VT" is a petition in support of the actions taken by Virginia Tech's President and Chief of Police as the events of April 16th unfolded.

As of posting time, there are 12,852 'signatures' on the petition, of which 6,232 identified themselves as Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, or alumni.

Please consider signing the petition if you agree with it.

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Joe Saunders is the starting pitcher for the Angels in tonight's game. He played baseball at Virginia Tech, and is the only Virginia Tech alum currently in the Major Leagues.

In the Player News section of this profile, they had this quote from him:
"I was going to put a 'VT' somewhere on my hat, but I guess you can't do anything on the uniform (because of major league rules)," Saunders said. "I'll do it on my cleats instead and write Virginia Tech on the back of the mound."
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