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Something Just Right.. - Sam's Journal

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August 28th, 2004

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03:27 pm - Something Just Right..
About an hour and a half until kickoff of the Virginia Tech football season. If anything, I think it's the thing I miss the most about moving from Virginia. Even though I only had a season ticket the last year I lived in Virginia, having that season ticket & going to every Virginia Tech home game was wonderful. It would be really amazing this year, because Virginia Tech has changed conferences, and I think every game except 1 is within a 5 hour drive of Blacksburg.

Yahoo Sports is a godsend, however. I can still listen to the local broadcast of VT football online, even if I do have to pay $4.95 a month for it. The game itself is actually on ESPN, but the ISP Sports broadcast starts an hour before kickoff, but today it seems they're getting it going a little earlier. Which is cool. I can also listen to the weekly "Hokie Hotline" call-in show (which has an 800#) if I want to... live if I remember it, recorded if I don't. ^_^

We went out this morning and got the car washed -- it really needed it. Took it to a somewhat "fancy" place on Montague Expressway, and they washed the car, vacuumed, and cleaned all the windows, inside and out. Worth the nearly $20, though I really shouldn't let it get so bad. After that, I drove over to the Great Mall, but we couldn't pick anything that we wanted to look around. Dee wanted to be out for a bit, though, so we went down to Valley Fair to hit the Apple Store.

I'm realizing that I really love Macs. PCs aren't bad when they're working, but when they don't want to cooperate, they suck. And my "file server" isn't cooperating lately. They had a 17" iMac on the clearance table for ~$500 off, but I know the new iMac G5's are just around the corner, so I resisted... barely! Actually, I think I'd rather have a PowerMac G5, since you can upgrade the video on it. The only real drawback to the iBook is that its 3D chipset is rather underpowered (Radeon 9200, IIRC). I think I'd like to do a bit more 3D gaming on my Mac, but it really can't deal with it.

Yes, the GeForce 3 Ti 500 in my PC desktop feels like it performs better than the iBook. The desktop has 512MB RAM and a 1GHz Athlon; the iBook has 640MB RAM and a 933MHz PowerPC G4. I think it's mostly grahpics chipset difference, since I play Second Life on both.

After the Apple Store, we looked at Brookstone (in the same mall), and then started driving home. We needed to stop for groceries before we got home, but I saw a convenient space in front of a "smoke shop" on the way, so we went in & looked. No tapestrys, like at some of the shops in SoCal, but they had some humorous posters. If I could think of a good place to put them up, I'd probably grab one or two that I saw there.

We left from there, and hit up Safeway for a few miscellaneous things. We're pretty well set, though I was looking for rum and didn't get any. I just saw what I thought were large bottles for $20+, and thought I should wait until I can look around a bit more, maybe at a BevMo. So we finished getting groceries and came home.

Dee is making tacos for lunch, and it's smelling really, really good right now. ^_^

A Virginia Tech tailgate tradition is Wild Turkey; never done it myself, actually, and I don't know if it's mixed or shots, but I'm on my second screwdriver. I'm really looking forward to the game. And lunch. *g* I think it's why this entry is flowing for me... the alcohol is kicking in though my empty stomach pretty fast. ;-)

And next weekend we're coming down to SoCal to hang out with friends, yay! ^_^
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Current Music: Virginia Tech Hokie Countdown

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