March 19th, 2020


It's The End Of The World As We Know It

I mean, if a government "shelter in place" order isn't enough to get me to update my journal, what is?

Well, it's the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and trying to avoid getting COVID-19. Last Friday, my company decided to ask most people to work from home, a few days after other companies in the Bay Area had already done the same. Then there was a county-level Shelter In Place order that went into effect a few days ago, and today a statewide order for California appears to be going into effect.

Pandemic... there's studying them, and then there's living in one. At least the Internet is now considered an essential utility.

I did go out to the store yesterday to restock my fridge. I had put it off one day, dipping into my freeze-dried camping meal stash from Burning Man, but decided I should try and save them just in case. (Hoarder mentality?)

The store had a lot of empty shelves; while I'm accustomed to my favorite sweet tea in the refrigerator case being out of stock, there were empty shelves in bread, milk, and eggs, and a lot of bare spots in other places. But still, found some salads, frozen/microwave entrees, frozen meal kits, and other supplies. The biggest "sacrifices" from what I might otherwise have picked up was getting "mini-bagels" as regular bagels were sold out, and getting some Coffee-Mate instead of the sold-out half & half.

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