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Apple seems to be having some issues with the ordering system for the new iMac's. I checked on my order yesterday, to get the estimated delivery date, and noticed that my configuration had been changed from 512MB RAM to 1GB RAM, with the associated price increase. I was planning on calling to ask about it this morning, but when I checked it again... at first, I thought it was still messed up, 'cause I saw the 1GB configuration in the order, but it said "cancelled" under it, and there was a second item in the order which was the properly-configured (and priced!) model.

Yay for not having to call customer service on their error! Now to keep an eye on it to make sure the order doesn't "break" again...

I know what happened... the part numbers priced & described in the online store didn't map to the descriptions/prices listed in the order system, because the 1GB configuration had the same part number for memory as the 512MB option in my order confirmation. The "new" (correct) iMac in my order has a different part number for the memory config, but the correct description from the order confirmation. (I wonder if anyone other than me can follow that...)

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