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Today has been weird. I'm in ravenous discovery mode, but really haven't been able to find anything to sink my teeth into. Spent the morning tweaking some x86 assembly-language code for a path that some people think will be critical in our product; I'm not really sure. But it gave me a reason to learn the MMX assembly instructions, which isn't a bad thing.

Tried looking for more iMac G5 information, but with the actual devices not on the market yet, the Apple marketing materials (which I poured through yesterday) seem to be the only real material available.

It's just the beginning of the college football year, so the real media coverage of that doesn't pick up until next week. Though I did love the small burst of information last weekend, and I'm glad that VT has an off week this weekend.

Watched a little of Human Traffic tonight, and realized that I didn't miss as much of it as I thought. It's weird and funny at points; downright hard to watch in others. There's just something about some TV shows and movies that I find hard to watch, things where I think the character is doing something really stupid, I just can't watch it without cringing. Dunno if anyone else ever feels that way; I'm too busy cringing and covering my own eyes to see how others react. :^)

Looking forward to the weekend is part of the problem. I don't want to deal with work tomorrow, I just want my getaway to be here. Of course, I was supposed to talk with the other tech lead at work on a design issue today, but they begged off because they've been "too busy" to go over the doc I had prepared. They wanted it re-scheduled for tomorrow, but I bet that they don't make that, either.

At least I'll just be able to focus on the great upcoming weekend tomorrow... I hope... ^_^

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