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Final Preparations - Sam's Journal

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September 3rd, 2004

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09:16 am - Final Preparations
I've been up since about 7am, doing the final gathering of stuff to go. We put a lot of it off until this morning, but it wasn't that bad.

Last night I got the iBook together (we never travel without a computer it seems, it's just habit) and the GameCube. The GameCube was fun... I had forgotten that when I put all the game systems in the entertainment center, I had used zip ties to hold the cords together in bundles. So I had to remove those to free the GameCube's power supply. The video cord wasn't a problem, as I had another one of those. I just need to re-tie the other cords, because the power cords for the Xbox and PS2 are standard cables, and I have others I can use if I want to pull those out.

This morning we packed our clothes, got the kitties ready (litter, water, and food), pulled the AeroBed out, and other assorted preparations (like burning a few CD's and tossing in the extra iPod belt clips). I've already taken one load down to the car, and we'll get the rest as we leave.

First thing is to stop for breakfast. Last night, as we went to Sizzler for dinner, I noticed an IHOP. I didn't know where they were up here, but now that I do we're going there today, before we really hit the road down to LA. Still not really sure if we'll go down the 5 or try the 101 all the way. We have a lot of time to deal with the drive today, but it would still be nice to not be in a car for 8 hours. Tempted to try the 101, but I'll see where my adventure lies after breakfast.

No matter the trip, I know that I am going to have a great weekend hanging with my friends! (Oh, friends... reminds me of something else I need to grab!) See you guys tonight!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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Date:September 3rd, 2004 09:20 am (UTC)
So what time should we expect ya in town? :)

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