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After stopping at IHOP for breakfast yesterday morning, I decided to try taking the 101 down to LA. It's a freeway all the way down to Gilroy, where I usually have exited to take a different route to the 5, but I stayed on 101. About 5 miles later, the freeway ended. o.O

I almost turned around and went back to the 5, but I'm glad we didn't. While it doesn't stay freeway (with exit ramps), there's not a stoplight on the stretch from San Jose to LA. The speed limit was 70 for some stretches of it, too. Traffic was heavy but flowing, except for an accident in Santa Barbara which had, maybe, a mile of 10mph backup.

We left IHOP around 10:30am, and got here around 6pm. We stopped twice for gas, and on one of those two we had lunch and Andersen's Pea Soup restaurant for lunch. Neither of us had pea soup, though. Patty melt for me (which had too much bread for the amount of burger, or not enough burger for the amount of bread), and a huge freakin' salad for Dee, that had yummy ham & swiss (and not quite-as-yummy turkey, which was a bit dry) on it.

I expect we'll take the 5 home on Monday, because even though it wasn't a bad drive, it was a long drive. I think the 5 is much more direct... or I just can set my cruise control a little faster on that road! LOL

Regardless, had an absolute blast with everyone at Eva Night Remix, and definitely looking forward to seeing everyone for the Birthday BBQ Bash today!

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