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Weekend Recap

The BBQ on Saturday was awesome, thanks to our hosts Adam & Kim. We stuffed a lot of people into that apartment, almost too many for a reasonable party. Things sorta broke into groups, and I learned that I just need to insert myself into the group where I want to be. How did I learn this? Dee was feeling tired around midnight, so I gave her a ride over to Suzy's to crash, and then I returned.

When I returned, I was feeling bummed, because I seemed to be missing out. But Adam came over and asked, and we talked, and I realized that I was being stupid and paranoid. In the end, everything worked out. It's hard fighting my instincts at times, but I can do it.

Sunday was a lot more chill, which is what I wanted so that I'd have a lot of energy for the drive home today. Suzy and I did some work on our Gaia thread, and we finally opened our "new" mall thread. It was a blast sitting around and playing on Gaia together, and then we (well, I said it first, but Suzy agreed) got hungry around 3pm. We picked an Italian place which delivers, but they didn't open until 4pm. Drat.

We headed down to the Village Market to grab some munchies to tide us over, set up the GameCube so Suzy could transfer a sim to her Game Boy, and soon enough it was 4pm. I placed the order, and then we set up to watch anime (Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie). Just as we were starting, the delivery arrived, so we decied to watch the movie dubbed while we ate. Soooo much food!

In the middle of Utena, Adam and Kim stopped by. We sat around and talked after the movie was over, which was much fun. They headed out though, and Dee, Suzy, and I ended up playing Monopoly. Dee kicked our collective butts. But it was fun!

My plan was to get on the road by Noon today, to get back to San Jose early. But I really don't want to. I'd love to stay a bit later, just to have more time to hang with friends. Alas, though, every hour hanging is one less hour to recover after the drive. I think Suzy said it best... we need a magic door!

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