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Long Drive...

I woke Suzy up around Noon, as I had wanted to be on the road. Of course, I also have a hard time saying goodbye and leaving. Suzy asked about getting a lift to the Subway & 7-11 by her, I suggested that we have lunch together, and with a promise to stop later to get Dee something she wants, we were on our way.

It was nice sitting down with Suzy again and talking a bit before we hit the road. For a while, our thoughts wandered to thoughts of Suzy and others moving up to San Jose. We chuckled, and talked about our own mini-commune to share. Oh for a billion dollar fortune...

The drive home wasn't bad. Traffic moved pretty well, if not for pockets of slowing from trucks passing trucks. Until we hit Route 152, from the 5 to the 101. Bah, it got slow about halfway on that section, probably set us back an hour. Arrived home around 8:30, even with two gas stops.

Nice to be home; now to just figure out what we want to do over the next few months. Looking forward to a Suzy visit in November, and I'm thinking about a Vegas trip in December to see a travelling Virginia Tech Women's Basketball game. I'd love to have everyone I'm close with to come up to San Jose sometime to hang. :-)

*sigh* Long weekends are still too short. :-)

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