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Where Does The Weekend Go

Sunday night already.... where did my weekend go?

Watched the VT game on ESPN Game Plan on Saturday -- always nice to see the alma mater win a game. Of course, about 2/3 of the way through, I was checking a VT message board and found a link to a free video stream on Yahoo!. Dang, could've wathced it for free -- but, then, it's a little bit easier to just do it on the DirecTV, plus I can rewind with the TiVo.

Got out for a little shopping; Dee asked something about the RAM in her computer, and I took some notes about memory to look for. First we went to Michael's, to get a trading card display (using a 50% off coupon) for me. While we were at Michael's, Dee found a frame that she thought could work for one of her cross-stitch projects. So we grabbed those, then looked around Best Buy and Fry's, with me checking memory at each place. No good deals, at least not compared to Might put an order for the RAM this weekend; it would've been an impulse buy but it sounded like Dee was thinking the 512MB of RAM might be holding something back -- at least when it comes to the amount of time it takes to log out of EQ, my opinion.

Today, Dee went up to a stich-n-chat, but she managed to get a carpool to Alameda. I just had to take her to the nVidia parking lot, where the carpool was meeting. nVidia is basically just two minutes away from where I work. Amazing all the companies that are in the Silicon Valley. But that gave me the day to laze around at home. Stopped for some groceries after dropping Dee off, and then just vegged out, watched TV, and caved in to the munchies a time or two.

Dee got home around 6, and I made hamburgers for dinner. Prepped three with cheese, put two together for me, and couldn't touch the second after I'd finished the first. So one finished burger in the fridge, and one more patty. The one I did get through was great. My tummy is still so full, and it's almost 3 hours after I finished eating!

Probably going to hit the hay soon. It's been a lazy weekend, and I'm not looking forward to work this coming week. We're in a three-week schedule slip to "re-design" work to date for feature changes. But I'm not seeing much work going into "re-designing." Last week, I had the portion of the project that I have been working on taken away from me, and I was tossed onto a different part, which I really don't care for. Bah.

So, in the end, I had a little talk with the VP of Engineering about having my part moved away from me. He really didn't do anything, but took note that I wasn't really happy about it. In the end, my manager assigned me to one thing, which then left a different thing being pushed to a different group. My Manager wanted things split up this way. Bah. Bah bah bah.

It means I'm not as excited about work now. It means that I will be going to LA in October, just have to decide if I'll take one day or two -- thinking two, to give me a day to unwind after the drive back. And then having Suzy up to visit in November, which I am so looking forward too! Both these things just feel so far away... 6 weeks I think until the LA trip.

This coming week I hope to meet Ray after he's settled in up here. Hopefully I'll have a new friend to hang with on the weekends... just need to find out if our concepts of hanging out are compatible. ^_^

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