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Suckage ^ N

The following entry is rated ADULT for potential bad language and other un-nice things. Children should stay away, but I'm a realist and know that they won't. Tuff. They should know better, and I'm not liable for the damage I'm about to do.

My life fucking sucks. I'm just sitting here at the computer and realizing just how pitiful my life is. I'm searching google for "this site sucks" and "my life sucks" and the results just... suck. I checked out FuckedCompany, found the latest job cuts from my company (which were announce ~2 weeks ago) on there, realized that nobody has any idea what the fuck a company called "Acterna" does, or why they would want their products instead of a piece-of-junk freeware packet sniffer program. I realize now why my company is in financial trouble: the networks of the world are in the hands of Linux freaks like me, people who believe that their free software is just as good as anything out there.

Too bad I can't pay my bills with the money I would make off of free software... or the fact that the hardware still isn't free.

I'm just a loser for even thinking about this in this way. It really doesn't matter, so long as the paychecks keep cashing. Just how long will they keep cashing anyway? Who needs test equipment? It's not an essential service, like farming. Or anything remotely enjoyable, like porn sites. It's just there, a tool that you have to use for a sucky job so that you can get paid and go home and eat and watch your porn.

I make the tools that make your job suck. Or, I make the tools that facilitate making your job suck, because, really, the Internet has made everyone's jobs suck just a little bit more. Instant access, instant gratification. You don't have a week to do a little research and find the answer, you have two minutes to e-mail the boss back or you'll get a "negative performance review" and be put on the shitlist for the next round of layoffs, so that we can outsource even more of our product development to India and China. As if the plastic parts being made overseas wasn't bad enough as is.

The fucking annoying part of it is that I enjoy my job, most days. I dream up little circuits that do something and make them work and I can come home and feel like I've achieved something, 'cause lord knows that the only think I accomplish at home is making big messes.

Well, not big messes like the cats, but just uncontrollable amounts of clutter. Junk mail. Bills. Packaging from new purchases. Take-out food containers. But messes none the less.

This weekend I made a dent in the mess. I might have cleaned up 2% of it. By this time next year I could be mess-free... assuming I never add to the mess during the week. I probably add to the mess 2.5% next week. And it just goes downhill from here.

Lis plays EQ. I surf porn sites. We play Scrabble on our Palm Pilots. (Well, Sony Clies, if you want to be picky about it.) We are so fun and exciting, oh boy.

This is suckage to the Nth power. I hope it's better in the morning.

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