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My Afternoon Sucked; How Was Yours? - Sam's Journal

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September 21st, 2004

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09:10 pm - My Afternoon Sucked; How Was Yours?
Meetings started at 3pm. Two meetings, and the second didn't wrap up until 7:30. The plan got changed for the third time in the past week. At this point, the world has just been tossed right back around again. It's getting old. But I'm not gonna let this get between me & my plans. Need to bug people about a day off in October; put in the request on Monday and should have an answer.

If they say we can't afford the time, I'll love to see their faces when I tell them that they just made us waste a week. Bah. Managers. Nothing like realizing you've just spent two hours stating the obvious and accomplishing nothing. Good thoughts, just need to think about the good feeling of hanging out with friends...
Current Mood: lit

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