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Stupid Driver

As I pulled up to the intersection in front of my apartment complex, I was preparing to turn right, like I always do. The road widens there, to give a full lane for right-turn traffic to get around cars waiting to turn left or cross. There is also a driveway out of the little shopping complex in front of the apartments right at this wide point.

This morning, there were cars backed up to cross, so I wanted to go around. But I couldn't, because a driver had pulled just far enough out of the driveway so that I couldn't get past. So I come to a stop, and throw my arms up in the air. The driver has space behind him, he could back up and let me pass.

He pulls forward, completely cutting off my lane. My arms continue talking to him, amazed at his stupidity. So then he backs up out of the lane, and as he starts moving I start creeping forward. Then he stops, again not having left enough space. So I stop, and throw my arms up in the air again. Idiot.

The light turned green soon, and the idiot pulled away, I got to turn right, and scream in my car about the amazing idiot. I hate drivers like that.

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