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Another Weekend Down The Drain...

Tomorrow I get to go visit the DMV. My appointment to get my personalized plates has finally arrived. 3:55PM baby! Also hoping to get my iMac sometime this week. But, all in's a Sunday night, which is depressing. It's the end of relaxation, coming to the beginning of work. After all the hang wrining the past two weeks, the schedule is nearly back to where it started. Except that we lost two or three weeks due to all the hand wringing. But the higher-ups don't see that... they just see that we have a "more concrete plan." Because we put down in writing everything that we thought was a given. I had been working on my component solo, but that is changing. I will have two others working with me, and I will be "the lead," even though one -- a recent new hire -- is quite a bit older than I. Hopefully he will handle the situation well. Hopefully I won't get a rude surprise on Monday/Tuesday about doing the schedule over yet again... Bleh. I've also been very reclusive this weekend. Definitely feeling a lack of social interaction. I just need to suck it up and get out to a Meet in San Jose event. Next weekend is the "Love Parade San Francisco", which is an electronic music "parade" that ends with a float festival in San Fran. Being a very public event, I figure it could be pretty fun to go see.

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