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September 27th, 2004

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08:37 pm - DMV
I had a 3:55 appointment to pick up my new plates at the DMV. I got there early, maybe about 3:45. Went in, got my number, and then had to run back out to the car to take my plate off. Fortunately, they only needed one plate to give me my new ones, since I have been a bad slacker since February (when, in my fender-bender, I lost my front plate).

However, this is not to say that it went smoothly. Got called to a window around 3:55, basically on time. But they couldn't find the "type code" that goes with a standard, personalized plate. The worker asked a few others, looked up in books... nada. Ended up disappearing from my view for a while, but returned with the magic code, "99R".

Then the computer loved me, and I had my plates, and had to go get replacement stickers for it. At first, they didn't give me a month sticker, just a year sticker. They didn't complain about giving me a new month sticker when I asked for it, though.

Took those out, put stickers on the plate, and put the rear plate on with a Virginia Tech plate frame that Dee had bought for me way-back-when. Put the front plate one, but was one screw short -- it seems to be on well for now, and I need to ask about getting another screw when I take the car in for service. Which it needs... 81k miles on that car.
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