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I don't know where my energy has gone. Last night, I was in bed at 10. I'm nearly in bed right now. Of course, I was also basically wide awake at 5 am. I feel like I'm morphing into an old man -- my father, to be specific. I remember that he was always in bed by 9 pm, and generally up by 5. Not that I would really know about the waking up, since I didn't get up until later.

It's not that I want to go to bed... I'd like to stay up. But it's not like I have anything to do, or anything to goof off doing... other than SimCity. Maybe after the iMac gets here. But it's still stuck in China. Frell. GIVE ME MY COMPUTER, DAMN FEDEX!

Ummm... okay... I'm not really that worked up over it. But... two full days just sitting somewhere doesn't seem right. Feh.

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