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Football Saturday

Just started the fourth quarter of the game, and VT has a narrow lead, 10-7.

There's so much dead time in a football game, and my mind goes to wandering. The latter half of this past work week has been pretty good, but that's because I can actually say I did something -- set up a new computer, and then reformatted my test computer. Pretty bad when that's a step forward for me -- it's a lot more concrete than writing docs. Meanwhile, my two "teammates" both seem to be running on the hairy edge of missing deadlines.

Not sure what the day holds for me yet. Adam, Kim, Taylor, and two others are in San Fran today for a play, and we might meet up in some manner tonight, and Adam mentioned stopping by our pad on Sunday morning.I'm definitely looking forward to hanging out, though I wish the plans were a bit more settled.

10 minutes left in the game, and Wake Forest is driving. I really want to see VT pull this one off. Really really want to see that. I don't need a bummer start to my Saturday. *crossing fingers*

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