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Grand Afternoon

Certainly not as early as I had hoped, but Adam, Kim, Taylor, Taylor's brother, and another guy I think is named Brian came by to hang. I had stuff to make chicken and veggie kabobs, and we all made our own kabobs which I cooked. Sounded like everyone liked it, which is good.

Afterwards, we all headed down to Starbucks to get drinks. I got the first "fancy" drink that I've ever liked, a decaf Americano. Because they didn't want to brew decaf to just give me a regular coffee, so they gave it to me at the normal "coffee" price. Dee didn't have a drink, but she did get a piece of banana nut loaf. We all sat down in front of Premier Pizza (which is closed on Sundays) and chatted, and the visitors hit Byrne's for snacks before coming back up to collect their stuff.

It was great having people come by. I wish I had had this steup when I was in SoCal; I do love this apartment and the small community it's placed in. The kitchen worked great for kabob assembly, and it was pretty easy to find a place for 7 people total to sit down and chill. It's the largest visitor group I've yet had here, and makes me feel good about having lots of people over again sometime.

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