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Toy Crazzzy

Definitely looking forward to visiting friends next weekend; what with all the bullshit at work, it'll be nice to get away. Haven't gotten together with Jay yet, hopefully his schedule will settle down and we can get the first San Jose asscasting outta the way.

Took the car in for service today, needed to have a lot of checks done. I spent over two hours waiting at and in the vicinity of the Saturn of Stevens Creek. Everything's all well and good, but of course I saw all the new cars and drooled a bit... but got to thinking about iPods and my car stereo. I had vaguely known about Alpine's introduction of an iPod interface adatper for car stereos. It would be cool to just "plug in" the iPod to the radio.

I picked Dee up after the service, and we went to Border's to see if the new Alton Brown book was out. But, alas, it still wasn't on the shelves. Quickie glanced through magazines and game -- CARE BEARS UNO! It looked so cutttte! And they added a new card to the Game... the "Share" card! Yes... I think this could be the new, official card game of the Raver! *giggle* I WANNIE! Well... eventually. Didn't feel like waiting to get just it today.

Then I dragged Dee to the Good Guys to look at... Alpine head units (*giggle* HEAD UNIT!) and to ask about the iPod interface. Actually talked about it being nice to have something that'll work all the way from here to L.A. without tweaking, like radio or multiple CDs. So an iPod interface and satellite radio interface option would be nice. And Alpine has those, and you can add both at the same time. Thinking about going tomorrow (having though about it more tonight ^_^) to see if we can buy & get it installed. And christen it on the trip down to L.A.

When then begs the question... iPod, satellite radio... or both? *giggle*

Dee said she's "not saying no." Which I guess is her being OK with what I've got in mind. I think as long as it has the iPod link -- which will let us banish our radio tranmitter forever -- I think Dee'll dig it. Satellite radio... XM. Would be cool. Thinking about it. $150 for the built-in receiver and antenna.

How much of a toy mode will I be in tomorrow moring? ^_^

Oh, and last night Dee & I went to see Team America: World Police, at a theatre we hadn't been to before here. It was nice -- a metal railing just in front of our seats made a workable footrest for kickin' back in the cush seats. Leading up to the movie, we were just sitting there listening to bits of the conversations around us.... geeks. techies. unix lords. web divas. I think we both felt very comfortable in that group, people "dressed down" and relaxed.

I just wish we were more outgoing, and could have tried to introduced ourselves to the conversant. *sigh* But I think I would like to go to some more Friday evening movies at this theatre... just for the vibe? LOL.

It's been one of the few times that I really felt the energy of the environment. And it was a nice feeling environmnet.

But... FUCK YEAH! *giggle*

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