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iPod Addicted

Yes, we took the car today to get the new head unit & the iPod link installed. Actually, I was still pondering XM when we went just after 11am, and was asking about the price of just the head & iPod and the price with head, iPod, and XM.

And then I realized there was a little miscommunication. I only wanted the XM if it was the integrated version that could be added to the receiver; they didn't have that, only the "car kit" receivers with FM modulators. I passed on that; might add it down the road I guess. But I wanted this to be a nice install.

They couldn't do the install until 3, and even then they had to get the head unit brought over from another store. So we ran off to PetsMart for kitty food, and then came home. I chilled until about 2:30pm, then took the car back over for surgery.

Not really the friendly, communicative service I had hoped for. Took me a while, but I finally felt like things were moving forward, so I walked off to Best Buy to browse around, and then I also checked out Borders. From there, I stopped at Subway for an early (4:30ish) dinner, and then I walked back to the Good Guys to check on my car.

I thought the guy said they'd call when it was done. When I got there, they had backed the car out of the bay already and thought it was done. But I hadn't gotten a call. Anyway, there was someone else there asking about the iPod interface, so I let them see it in the car. But it sounded like they had sold out of their stock on them... woohoo for buying just in time!

Set the iPod up to play on the drive home, and it worked pretty well. ^_^ Doesn't have the turboscroll it seems, but otherwise very nice. The iPod even shows the Alpine logo when it's plugged in, cute!

Anyway, I'm tired & sleepy (which I seem to have been quite often as of late). Hope everyone has a good night!

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