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Work Suckage

One of the key documents I have been working on has finally started its review process. Due to the size of the document, it's being split across multiple days, roughly 2 hours of review per day. This started on Monday.

Today it drove me crazy. I felt like people were nit picking the smallest crap. If we're down to the level of arguing "should" vs. "shall," I'd dare say the document is pretty darn good.

Except that people think I need more diagrams. How do you represent a two-dimensional array of object instances which aren't even object instances, but an artifical creation of the dynamic operation behavior of the module? (That is... you can create new top-level references, and then do different things across the instances by referencing the appropriate top-level reference.)

It's hard enough to explain in text, or talking. How do you visualize that? I tried drawing the grid, but then people thought I was duplicating code and that multiple copies of the binary had to exist. *sigh*

At some level, I think I'm just not understanding what they want, or they aren't communicating what they want. Hard to tell between them.

(Of course, then I had a crossed wires problem with Dee over dinner, but thankfully the sandwich I picked up at the store can keep in the fridge for a few days.)

Two more likely-to-be-sucky days of work (because the review will continue), and then I get away to LA to forget about my troubles for a few. Maybe I'll try to make up for my sleeping troubles last night, too.

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