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Yay Long Weekend!

Finally got around to confirming my PTO for Friday. (Since I'm now a "technical lead," my PTO isn't as solid as I would otherwise want it to be.) Thankfully, no one felt it was necessary to keep me in the office, so my long weekend plans are set!

Planning on coming down to LA on Friday during the day, to be there hopefully as soon as anyone would want to meet up. I have tentative plans (which still need confirmation) of meeting up with a former co-worker from my old job in Virginia who has recently moved out to LA; that will be lunch on Saturday at a Chinese place Dee likes. Friday night will hopefully be wild & crazy, followed by something more chill on Saturday. I want to hit the road to come home by about 1 on Sunday, so that I'll still have the evening to decompress.

Have I forgotten anything yet?

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