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Stolen from lisana, who stole it from others... - Sam's Journal

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October 20th, 2004

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10:40 pm - Stolen from lisana, who stole it from others...
I first saw this meme a few minutes ago, and it seems like a tough one to do. But Dee did it, so I'm damn sure not gonna let her show me up! *giggle*

10 years (roughly) ago I ...

1. Was settling into my first semester at Virginia Tech.
2. Bought my first music CD.
3. Had finally had my first "real kiss" and first girlfriend.
4. Worked on the last issue (ever) of the Tech Independent, a student newspaper that went bankrupt.
5. Listened to far too many stories of stupid drunk college kids.

5 years ago I...

1. Had been living with Dee for about 5 months.
2. Was happy to no longer be a poor college student.
3. Was adjusting to living with two indoor cats. (My dad never let us have indoor cats or dogs when I was growing up, though our neighbors did have several outdoor cats who came to visit us.)
4. Started spending far too much money on toys, such as a DVD player.
5. Helped out a co-worker that everyone else just ignored.

3 years ago I...
1. Took Dee on a Caribbean cruise using my bonus from work.
2. Sat in disbelief as my workplace gathered in the break room around a TV for news on 9/11.
3. Worried about losing my job to lay-offs.
4. Waited in line to buy a GameCube the day it was released.
5. Realized I didn't keep up with my college friends like I wanted to.

1 year ago I...
1. Was still adjusting to living in Southern California.
2. Was re-evaluating a lot of my personal assumptions.
3. Realized how much having friends around meant to me.
4. Discovered how much I valued having a washer/dryer in the apartment.
5. Had my first ever annual pass to an amusement park -- Disneyland, no less!

So far this year, I..
1. Moved to the Silicon Valley
2. Realized how much friends mean to me.
3. Realized that I don't want to be a lead or manager yet, really.
4. Regretted moving to the Silicon Valley
5. Accepted that I am an Apple addict.

Today I...
1. Made omelettes for breakfast.
2. Forgot to attend a meeting. (Thankfully, no one was troubled by this.)
3. Cancelled a meeting. (At the suggestion of my boss.)
4. Scheduled a meeting. (For next week.)
5. Left work on time.

And tomorrow I...
1. Will attend more meetings.
2. Will be looking forward to leaving work as early as possible.
3. Need to put together my stuff for the weekend trip.
4. Will have to try not to kill anyone in my document review meeting.
5. Plan to leave work on time, even if everything isn't done.
Current Mood: sheep
Current Music: Confidence for Quiet-The Corrs-Borrowed Heaven

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