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Four more hours of work before a long weekend. Productivity is about… - Sam's Journal

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October 21st, 2004

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01:51 pm
Four more hours of work before a long weekend. Productivity is about to go through the floor, as I have two meetings in those four hours. The first isn't for another hour yet, so I'm going to relish what little productive time I have left in the day, probably by goofing of and not getting much accomplished except looking forward to the weekend. :^)

I seem to be having great luck with McDonald's Monopoly game. It's a good think I like breakfast from there, though, because I got my third "free medium breakfast extra value meal" winner today, and one for a medium order of fries. No real prizes yet, though -- unless you count ridiculouslyrestricted music downloads that I used for songs that have been on the radio a lot lately. Just gotta figure out how to liberate them to a real audio CD... ^_^

Too bad my new computer doesn't have a CD recorder in it. The older one did, though. *sigh* Yeah, a brand-new Dell on my desk that doesn't have a CD burner. Employee abuse! *giggle*
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