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Quickie Update

Drive down from SJ was pretty nice yesterday; we hit the road around 10am and were at one friend's place by 3:30pm. And that includes a stop at Casa De Fruita where we looked around & bought munchies, a gas stop at Harris Ranch, and a lunch stop in Valencia. Really good traffic yesterday!

Last night's party was a little crazy, but a lot of fun. It seemed like everyone had lots of fun until they had to crash out! We had a TON of people here, it's a good thing a lot of us were just happy to sit on the floor! *giggle* Drinking on the floor rocks... less distance to fall if you get plastered!

Today Dee and I are heading down to Bellflower to meet a former co-worker of mine for lunch. He moved out here, not really sure why though -- but I know he's lived out here before. Dee's looking forward to it because we're going to have lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant, Ming's. (I look around to make sure this is true... yup, something I remembered right! *giggle* Awww, and she gave me head pats, too! ... OOOOkay, you guys don't need to know about the rest of what she gave me. ^_^)

Hopefully Mr. Bill (Oh No!) will be able to give me a haircut this evening, but I think the timing will be a little tight on it. He's got school today I think, and previous plans tonight. I think somewhere around 5pm he's trying to squeeze me in. Not sure what else we'll do tonight, but I think Dee and I are heading out Real Soon Now(TM) and just going to look around stores before lunch.

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