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The drive home today was uneventful; traffic was pretty good leaving LA and free-flowing the rest of the way, sans a short minor slow-down on the 152 to Gilroy. Dee and I stopped by the Panera Bread on Ventura Boulevard before getting to the meat of our journey. Pumpkin Spice Muffins are back in season with them, so Dee had one and we brought two more home.

Sorta feel bad about crashing out so early last night & having missed out on hanging with Adam, Kim, and Kris when they stopped by. My short night of sleep Friday night caught up with me when I took Dee in to lay down around 10. Someday I'll have to see the rest of The Rules of Attraction.

Actually got home around 6:30pm, after a stop in Gilroy to get some kitty litter. Caught the new Enterprise, and got the season pass set up on the DirecTiVo. Now to finish relaxing & maybe get to bed a bit early so I'll be recharged in the morning. Beyond that, I don't want to think about the morning yet.

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