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Random Weekend

Yesterday morning, Dee and I decided that Chik-fil-A sounded good for lunch. I'm not sure anymore why we decided this, but I do like Chik-fil-A and there aren't any of them in the Silicon Valley. However, there is one just over an hour away towards Sacramento, at the Solano Mall. So we set out around 11am to go to the mall, have lunch, and do whatever came to mind.

It was a fun drive, with the iPod plugged in pumping the tunes. The first bit of the 680 was familiar, as we had driven it once on the way back from LA (the long way around that doesn't back up on big traffic weekens). Didn't realize that I was doing to cross a toll bridge, but Dee pulled the FastTrac transponder out so we didn't have to mess with the toll booths. After that it was a two-lane each-way road through almost undeveloped "country", which made me feel like I could be back home.

Anyway, we went and pigged out on Chik-fil-A, yum! But we also wandered around the mall and did some damage! ^_^ We looked in Spencer's, Saturday Matinee, Old Navy, Best Buy, Waldenbooks, and Orange Julius before were done. God a Bad Taste Bear @ Spencer's: Bernie. Actually went in to look for cool lighting fixtures, but found none that we felt were worth the price. Found a new Chobits figurie in Saturday Matinee - actually one out of a series we discovered at a Saturday Matinee a few weekends back when we went down to LA. Dee got a new shirt at Old Navy, and we looked at their baby stuff - one of Dee's friends is due in the next few weeks and we'll see her for Thanksgiving.

That leaves Best Buy, which had an entrance from the mall - wanted to see if they had either DOA:Ultimate or GTA:San Andreas. Well I happened to find one, single copy of San Andreas. It wasn't even where it was supposed to be, and I don't know why I noticed it there -- I saw it before I found the big empty hole reserved for the game. So game for me, then Waldenbooks, wanting to look for the November issue of Newtype. They didn't have it, but they had books buy 4, get the 5th free, and they had "America" on sale. So we grabbed that, I picked up two manga (Mahoromatic #1 and Tuxedo Gin #1), and Dee got two Sci-Fi books, I believe they were both Anne McCaffrey.

Orange Julius for a medium orange for the road, and then we headed back to SJ. Stopped a the Fry's down here and found DOA:Ultimate. Then we headed home, and I played games. DOA:Ultimate has a pretty good online mode; you join a "group" where you can play Winner Stays, and everyone gets to voice chat like they're in a room, taking turns. Just need some friends to join up with on there - does anyone have an Xbox Live! account other than me?

Today we went out to Target, to get an Electric Skillet for the kitchen, for Dee to get some socks, and to look at more baby stuff - and actually buy some this time. Also looked around some more for lighting fixtures, but still haven't found any that really get my attention. Probably will end up just getting a flourescent-type blacklight, or just using one of the existing lamp bases. Also went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where I got some squishy pillows, a roller massager, some paraffin wax refills, and a squirt bottle. Trying to pick up a few things for Suzy's trip up here that I hope will be fun! ^_^

Anyway, that's basically my weekend, hope yours was a blast too!

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