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Squeaky Wheel

Dee and I went out to look around Best Buy and have some lunch after the football game was over. We found a couple DVDs and CDs at Best Buy, and caved in and finally picked up a photo printer, to make it easier for us to make & send pictures to our digitally-impaired parents.

Afterwards, I said that Red Lobster sounded good for lunch, and Dee agreed to go. We found it from memory, amazing both of us I think. We got seated, but a server didn't come by for about 10 minutes; the place was empty. Actually the server had been by at least twice, but she had never said anything. A different server caught Dee's quizzical look and said she'd go find our server.

When the server did come out, she didn't have a working pen to write down our order. I was just disappointed enough that I wanted to leave, so we got up and went to leave. I asked the greeter if I could talk with a manager before I left, and she brought the manager out. I told my peace (basically what I've just told you), and he asked if we would stay and eat. I didn't quite catch his phrase, but I said that I would be willing if we had a different server for us.

He seated us, and our new server was there in a minute, and did an excellent job. After she brought our lunches out, she told us that the manager was comping the entire meal, and then the manager came by and apologized for our first experience. It sorta shocked me. I didn't expect them to comp our meal; I just was willing to give someone else a chance.

It's funny though how the squeaky wheel gets the oil... normally I don't want to squeak. It's weird when I give in and complain. When I keep a level head, I've been able to get Best Buy to refund an EQ2 pre-order, and now I got a free meal.

In a way, I feel bad about it. I guess I feel that it wasn't a big enough deal to need something like that. But just the same, I didn't want to turn it down. But it definitely means that we're going to go back to that location again in the future, and I bet that's what's most important to the manager.

All the same, just a weird day to me.

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