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The Company Holiday Party - Sam's Journal

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December 9th, 2004

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08:06 pm - The Company Holiday Party
Our company's holiday party was from 4 until 7 tonight. Upshot: 2 hours less of work today.

Ran off around 3:40 to pick Dee up, and a necessary stop for gas. Got back just after 4. Generally uneventful, as basically any good company party should be.

We had "Santa" come for the kiddies, and every child got a little present. Then all the "big kids" (aka employees) got the same treatment. Gift for Me & Dee: a set of Santa & Mrs. Claus mugs & plates.

There were also three "trivia contests" that were done on paper & turned in. Dee & I won 1 contest (weird Xmas trivia) and tied with 3 others for another (mangled holiday song names). So I guess we made out like bandits. Got one of the centerpieces as the trivia prize, and ended up with a package of chocolate-covered fruits for the holiday songs. Woo.

Actually, we also got to loan our digital camera for photos of everyone with Santa. Why? Well the person taking pictures ran out of space on their camera & card, and the photographer had seen me with our camera. So we got home and made a CD of those pictures; I may stop at work in the morning to drop it off.

Got home, and then got to pulling together stuff for the trip. The Xbox is packed up, with controllers, power cord, video cord, an extra network cable, and my copy of Halo 2. Got my clothes into the suitcase, pulled the airbed out... gonna pull Dee's computer apart either just before bed or in the morning. I think that covers everything we have to bring with us.

I'd like to be one the road by 9am. Just so used to getting an early start when travelling (my dad's idea of an early start was leaving at 4 AM, yuck).
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