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Mondays always suck, but it always seems worse after a great weekend.… - Sam's Journal

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December 13th, 2004

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10:02 am
Mondays always suck, but it always seems worse after a great weekend. And this was a great weekend. *sigh*

30+ e-mails in my in box. They tried to schedule a phone interview for this morning at 9am while I was out on Friday. Hopefully someone else participated, because I wasn't here until 9:30am. Though I did stop at the post office on the way to work and picked up a package my Mom sent. She called from Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech) a few weekends ago and asked if I wanted anything from the bookstore. I expect this is my mom's Christmas package to Dee and I. Haven't opened it yet, though I doubt it will take me long to tear into it when I get home.

Also had a stop-by visit from the VP of Engineering. (I need to come up with better journal-names for these people, 'cause typing 'VP of Engineering' is sorta long. ^_^) I think the cranks are about to be applied to our group -- he was yammering about "increasing the number of people he can poke" to get things going. For some reason I think he has the vague idea that we're going to be able to cram more features in than we've committed to. Hopefully he's not that delusional. But, giving it being a Monday morning after a great weekend... yeah, this makes me uncomfortable. :-/

I need to get my airline reservation made for New Year's, so that I won't be stuck that weekend with work. I may not have control of much, but here me now, world: I am not working over New Year's!
Current Mood: blahblah

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