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A Beginning - Sam's Journal

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December 4th, 1998

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12:00 pm - A Beginning
I must be a psycho. I don't particularly like writing, but I'm going to try and do this anyway. The love of my life, Lisana, has been doing this for who-knows-how-long (well, a bit over a year :^), and I'm gonna give it a shot. What am I going to do? I'm going to try and keep a journal. Not that I expect much to come from this, but I might as well give it a try. Keeping up with this is my first resolution for 1999, and hopefully Lis can keep me on my toes too. :-)

I'm going to graduate in May, 1999, and I'm currently up to my neck in recruiters and interviews. Things are looking pretty good, one offer is already on the table. Now to talk with a few other companies and make sure this is what I really want as my first job out of school.

Not that it's my first job. That was as a door-to-door newspaper salesperson when I was in high school. Then two summers at McDonald's. Then over 1 and a half years of cooperative education experience while I've been in college. But my first job after school. My first time away from my parents COMPLETELY. And I want it to be something I'll keep for a while.

But then there's the interim stuff. I attended "Rush Clerk" orientation at the school bookstore this evening; yes, I'm going to be a cashier or book stocker or something and earn a little moola. Money is a nice thing to have.

I think I'll end this now, as my Lis is chatting with me on NetMeeting (dang, I love these computer things :-).

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