Sam (jevim) wrote,

A Wild, New Frontier

Well, right now Lisana is giving me a crash course in the Frontier scripting program/environment/whatchamacallit. NetMeeting is awful handy right now, as she's virtually watching over my shoulder as I do all this to point me (well, nudge... okay, okay, hit me with a big rubber mallet) in the right direction. 'You silly' she says, as I type this.

This is a lot of experimentation for me. It's a neato little 'language', but it feels like Greek to me right about now. Lis is being very patient with me and helping me, but why do I suspect she's just using me as a guinea pig so she can steal the things I get working to use in her journal. :^) Not that I mind all that much, but it makes me wonder... 'No, I'm just having you learn it so you can learn UserTalk to make a lot of scripts and stuff to make it easier.' Why does knowing this not comfort me much? :-)

At least I do have someone to help me with this venture. Not to mention that I also have an expert image artist to make some graphics for me. :-) I think I'm very lucky to have found Lis, as she's as much a computer geek as I am. I'm a bit more of a sports nut than she, but she tolerates it well enough.

As for my day, it's been a typical boring Saturday for me. Sleeping in is so nice, and I usually forget about how nice it is. My 'normal' weekday has me up at 7 or 8am... so staying in bed until 10am is pretty nice. And I have a lot of time to spend with Lis on the weekend--even after I ran off and watched the guys across the hall beat Zelda.

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