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Almost the End... - Sam's Journal

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December 7th, 1998

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12:00 pm - Almost the End...
My proposal for Technical Writing is finished. FINALLY. 'D is for Done' is a phrase I keep hearing a lot of the other people in my classes say. I think I've made that little threshold for the class, or at least I hope I did. Oh brother, do I hope I passed it...

I'm usually very critical of my own writing. I can honestly say that I think my proposal is a complete bit of rubbish, 99% filler, that I'm hoping the teacher won't be able to see right through. What I find is funny, though, is that I'm not really all that concerned with this journal.

Today was also the turn-in day for my last computer science project for the semester; the only difference is that I'm very confident in my ability to write computer programs that work. If I get a high grade on this project, I will get exempted from the final and receive and 'A' for the class. Obviously, I'm hoping for full credit. :-) We'll get those project back on Wednesday, so all I can do now is cross my fingers...

Lis is having a few conversations with her kitties while I type this up. And now she says her cat is giving her a dirty look 'cause she's not throwing the doily that the Brat Cat likes to chase. *chuckle* And I'm gonna have to live with the Brat Cat after we move in together. I guess there are worse things in life...

On a very random side note: The soundtrack from Titanic won Billboard's Album of the Year award... I doubt this comes as a surprise to anyone.

I can't wait to be done with this semester. My final big project, the proposal, is done and ready to turn in tomorrow. Then I have nothing else but 2 final exams; one for Computer Architecture, the other for Heat Transfer. I am not looking forward to the Heat Transfer exam. List that as another class I'm just wanting to be done with...

My bedtime approaches, so I guess I'm done for this evening....

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