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Eleven Days to Go - Sam's Journal

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December 9th, 1998

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12:00 pm - Eleven Days to Go
Classes for the Fall semester are done. I received a perfect score on my final computer science project, meaning that I am exempted from the final exam for that class. So that means I have only two final exams, one on next Tuesday, the other on next Thursday. In the meantime, though, I will be heading away for an on-site interview with a company.

I'm in a mood to gloat a little: I got a call today from a company that wanted to tell me that they will be making me a job offer. That's #2. And that makes me very happy, as I will at least get one chance to compare offers. Yes, I want as much money as possible. I wish I was a pro sports star. :-)

But back to the trip: if it wasn't for that little jaunt to fill Thursday and Friday, I'd probably be sitting around here, very bored. Well, I'm sure Lis could keep me occupied, but I bet I'd get restless. On the other hand, I'm not exactly a world traveller and I'm not quite used to everything involved. I still don't really like air travel. I just hope that I have jets for all the legs of the trip. I hate 'puddle jumpers.'

But then, the company I'm going to interview with let one little detail slip to me: they informed me that they couldn't book me for a first-class ticket on the return flight. So I'm wondering if I might get my first taste of first class on this trip. :-)

Maybe the seats will be comfortable enough that I could try to take a nap. :-) The long leg of the trip will be about 2 hours in the air, so I think I'll have a pretty good chance to get the nap in. Hmmm, I might even have to pack my cross-stitch project. Well, I definitely need to pack it so I have something to do in the hotel room. But I might be able to get some done on the plane even. :-)

Of course, I look at the news on The Weather Channel now... I hope that the weather holds out for my trip. Airplanes and wind gusts just don't mix very well. Puddle jumpers especially--I've had that experience once, and I do not want to repeat it.

Oh, and I need to remember to pack the teddy bear Lis gave me. Me? A kid at heart? Nah....

I'm almost one week into this journal thing now. Hmmm... I still don't know how well this is doing. Part of me likes it... keeping the journal makes me think about my day each evening and deciding how I think it went. Maybe my memory will improve if I keep this up for long. But part of me just keeps thinking that everything I've written is pure fluff. I don't really think that's true, but I'm usually overly critical of myself.

Sometimes I wish someone would yell at me, because I just feel like I need it.

Other times, I think I'm a psycho for thinking like that.

But I'm just me, and I'm screwed up in ways that I doubt I will ever find out.

And I keep wondering why I write things like this....

(Touch Me)

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