Sam (jevim) wrote,

An Early Start

This entry is going up early, as this evening I'm going to be out of town. It is time for me to go a-huntin' for a job again. (Do you think my West Virginia roots might be showing, Jethro?)

I feel a little bit bad about this trip, though. It's in an area that Lis and I really don't care that much for, however, I wanted to go visit them because we're of the opinion that if they make a wonderful offer that I can't beat elsewhere, then we can handle the area. At least, that's what I think our current opinion on it is.

I know I like the company I'm going to interview with, as I've already taken a trip to one of their officies in another city. In fact, the company that made the offer yesterday is the same one I'm headed off to interview with; they're just in different locations.

For some reason, I guess I wasn't expecting to hear about an offer from them. Just something about how my interview went made me think that something just didn't fit. I probably just don't know how to read interviews. :) Or interviewers, for that matter.

I wish I could hop online while I'm on the road... I definitely enjoyed the little backgammon foray with Lis last night, and hope we can do it again. Although I think I might not want to encourage her to play more, as she might start winning more. :-)

Well, not much more for me to say right now. I think I'll set my alarm to go off for 30 minutes after I leave to wake my roommate up.


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