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December 11th, 1998

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12:00 pm - World Traveller
Why is travel so tiring? I've recently returned from the airport and I'm just so tired from the entire trip. Maybe it's the fact I was up at 6:30 am this morning. That is a completely inhuman hour, in my opinion. But I needed the time to take a nice relaxing shower (I wish I would have had the time to just soak in the tub, though) and get ready. I even had to iron my shirt and pants, as they were looking pretty sad after the trip.

I think the interview went pretty well. But, then, I've thought all my interviews so far have gone pretty well. This was on-site number four for me. Number one has already sent me an offer, and numbers three and four are the same company. Number three has informed me they're working on an offer. Fifty percent is a pretty good clip, I think. But since I'm only gonna take one, the number of offers isn't terribly important. I just need to find the right job for me.

I don't think I've found it yet.

  • Numero Uno took us on a tour, and the amount of security really made me feel weird. I felt like I was in a maximum security prision, not a manufacturing plant/office building.
  • Number Two wasn't too bad, the security was limited to showing an ID badge and having the guard buzz a single door for you. And they didn't mind wandering visitors in the hallways. I think Number Two is the best place, so far, but I don't know where they stand, or what type of work I would do there.
  • Number Three is an interesting place: a building from when they had lots more people, so right now everyone has a single office. The work seems interesting enough, but it's a matter of what type of work I'll be offered. This place is in the same geographic location as Number One, so I'll get a good chance to compare salary offers.
  • Number Four has a lot of stuff going on that I just can't quite grasp. There are interesting things, but they sound like they draft people for projects quite a bit. I don't particularly like the idea of being forced onto something I've never done before and have no interest in. I'll probably face that anywhere, though.
  • If I had to pick now, and I could assume that the offers everywhere were equal, Number Two would win. Mostly because I know the area, and the other people made me feel very comfortable with the company. *sigh* I have much thinking to do about this though.

    Back on more mundane things: I love First Class travel. They serve drinks in real glasses! And they had Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies. I like those! And I'm not exactly skinny, so the wider seat is nice, too. I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to enjoy Coach ever again. :-) Unless I'm sitting next to a particular person who keeps her own journal.

    I'm far too tired from my trip. I'm probably missing a lot of stuff that I want to write. *sigh* Hopefully I'll remember it for tomorrow. Until then....

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