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Dead Man Walking - Sam's Journal

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December 16th, 1998

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09:00 am - Dead Man Walking
I'm worried about my exam. Of course I'm worried about my exam. Even though I know that studying will not improve my recall... I'm still worried. And I'll be worried until sometime around 5pm, when I'll be working on the exam.

I'm also gonna go work from 10 to 3 or so today. I think that has me worried a bit. But it'll probably do more to help keep me calm than anything else. At least, that's what I'm trying to convince myself of.

I hope I'll be a pleasant person today. If not, I'll probably ask to leave early. I don't really think they've needed me yet, as the other three people working would probably be able to keep up with everything on their own. I guess just having an extra person makes it easier.

And as I head off to work & a test, hoping for the best, but planning for the worse: Dead man walking....

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