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The work day went fine. The test, well, I think it went well. Only… - Sam's Journal

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December 16th, 1998

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10:00 pm
The work day went fine. The test, well, I think it went well. Only time, and the grade sheet, will tell. I don't feel like asking my roommate how he did on the test, even though we are both in that class.

Between working and the test, however, I checked my voice mail and found a message from the Co-Op Company. Well, from a division of the Co-Op Company that's only about an hour away from school. I had never really thought about that group, but they are involved in projects that I think I'd be interested in. Well, the long and short of it is that the 'local' division wants me to come by and talk to them about jobs.

I guess I'd like working there, and settling down in this area. Lis doesn't sound to adverse to the idea, either. I'm gonna have to talk with them about when I'd come in to visit; most likely, it'll have to be December 21st or 22nd. That means I'll have Lis with me for the drive; it also means coming up with something for her to do while I'm interviewing. Hmmm.... something to talk about when I schedule.

I wonder if I can add something for her to do to my list of demands....

It'll have to be a short day of interviewing, though... 3 hours, approximately, each way... so from 11am to 4pm or so. Unless they'd put us up for a night somewhere in the area. Heck, preferably two nights. :^) But I doubt that's gonna happen.

But dreams can come true. Mine is only 3 days away.

I guess that means I need to get stuff together to move out tomorrow. My room is a mess, as usual. I took the newspapers out to the recycling bin earlier. One less thing to do. Packing the computer will have to wait until the morning. My entry tomorrow will probably be a bit late, but not too late I hope.

My first trip home as a journaler...

I think I'm gonna need to hide the Frontier icon. I would prefer that my family not find out about the journal now. After I move out and I'm on my own, maybe; but not now.

The dead man is still walking, thankfully.

(Touch Me)

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