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The test was okay. I might have actually passed the class... I… - Sam's Journal

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December 17th, 1998

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08:00 pm
The test was okay. I might have actually passed the class...

I survived the trip home, too. The weather didn't cooperate, and my dad was constantly commenting on the increasing amount of snow on the ground, and then on the road. He wanted to get me today. I feigned a little sympathy, but I guess I'm just happy to have it over with.

The computer is set up, of course. I also had a little treat waiting for me: a copy of BeOS Release 4. Yes, I'm a computer nut, and will probably have it on my computer soon. It's just a matter of finding out if this release likes my hardware any better than Release 3, the first release for Intel hardware.

But all that stuff will have to wait until Lis is here. I fully plan on stripping & rebuilding my computer while she's here. But I'm going to refrain from doing anything like that until that time.

And of course the 'net isn't cooperating at the moment.... there it goes now.

I think I'm gonna make the best of the 'net at the moment... g'night!

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