Sam (jevim) wrote,

The Deluge

Today has been interesting. I missed Lis in the morning, and I think I missed her again when I hopped online right now. Fortunately, thought, I think that's about the worst thing that's happened today.

I got a copy of the BeOS when I returned home. I was going to be good and wait until I didn't need my computer for talking with Lis until I installed it. Ooops. :^)

It went well... having a second hard drive that I could dedicate to the OS made the install easy. So far, only two problems: no sound, and random lock-ups. Survivable, at least. And Windows 98 still runs fine, so things aren't bad. I think I'm gonna need copies of NetMeeting and Frontier for BeOS...

On the paperwork side of things, I got in touch with the Co-Op company, Office Two, and finalized plans for making a visit to them. For December 22nd, no less. Lis and I have a hotel reservation (at their expense :-) for the night of December 21st. And the company says they'll help Lis out with something to do while I'm interviewing. Things could work out...

And they also wanted 'estimated milage' so they could have a mileage check for me when I get there. Christmas Bonus!

Co-Op Company, Office One, also e-mailed me today wanting to finalize when I'd make a trip up to them. That's going to be something like January 12th, and another trip the Lis will get to take with me. We're already building a hit list of places to go while we're there, as that's the office where I actually did my co-op.

And to finish off the e-mail news, Interview Company Two has e-mailed me with news that they're working on an offer, that they want to get to me by next Monday or Tuesday. Things are nice. :-)

If only the postal mail had been so nice... I received my tuition bill for the spring semester. Which meant that I had to talk with my dad about finances for the spring semester. After all my financial aid and scholarships, I owe the school about $1,600 for the spring semester. Add $400 for books. My dad wants me to turn down a $1,150 loan as well, but I'm not so sure about that. My 'college fund' is down to $4,800, so if I take the loan I'll still have $2,800. Turn it down, only $1,650.

It's only money, I guess, but I want to make sure that I'm going to be able to make a good start when I graduate. I'd like to have as much money available as possible; but that means taking more college loans. I wish someone had a lot more information about how to finance college and get a good start after graduating. I guess I'll need to look around when I'm back at school.

Not that I'm any good at finances. I'm downright terrible. I'm counting on Lis being better at it than me. She usually is, too. So I'm going to earn my money and hand it over to her. Hopefully she won't go mad with power...
I'm starting to learn something about journaling; or, at least, about how I keep my journal. What I finish writing about is rarely what I started out with the thought of writing about. I had only intended on writing about my job search in this entry, but everything flowed into finances.

I think it's a bit funny... I title the entries when I sit down to start them; at the end, it just doesn't seem to fit the title. I guess I'm either going to learn to think about my entries a bit better, wait to title them until after I write them, or just continue to mistitle my entries. I like that last option.

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