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It Had to Happen... - Sam's Journal

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December 21st, 1998

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11:00 am - It Had to Happen...
I guess I was gonna miss a day sooner or later, and yesterday was it. But then, I can't blame myself too much, as Lis did arrive, even if it was a little bit late.

After trying to while away yesterday without getting to hyper, the time finally rolled around to go pick her up at the airport. Her flight was to arrive at 10:30 pm, however it didn't depart on time due to fog. She finally arrived around 11:30 pm.

So we collected her checked baggage and hopped in the car for the hour and a half trip home. Actually, we stopped at a Hardee's so she could get something to eat, too. The '24-hour' Hardee's only had its drive-thru open, but we did manage to get a roast beef sandwich for Lis and a Coke for us to share.

Just gotta make sure my Dad never finds out, 'cause he doesn't want anyone eating or drinking in the car I took. Well... the indoor seating area was closed, it was too cold to stand outside and eat (no matter what my dad may think: when he moved me home from school, I wanted a drink and had to stand outside, in the snow). And Lis needed food.

We also destroyed the evidence at a rest area before we got home, so I don't think it'll be too easy for him to find out about this.

I don't think he knows how to use my computer, either, so I doubt he'll find this entry. Even if he did find it on the 'net, I don't think there's any absolute evidence that it's me, anyway.

Anonymity can be nice.

think think think... Can't think of anything else to say right now. Lis and I will be off to an interview in a few hours, so I won't be adding to this entry. But at least I won't go two days in a row. :^)

And everyone can know that Lis and I survived our first night back together. :-)

(Touch Me)

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